Weekly Update: Dec 18

Hello!  Here’s what’s happening this week:

  • ELA: We have started on our ConversationIMG_4893s and Communication unit. Students are currently examining open ended questions and will be interviewing classmates to complete the “Humans of Room 128” assignment (based off of Humans of New York blog).
  • Math: We are doing a project based on the Kiva organization. Students will be selecting people to loan money too. The money used has been collected from my previous classes.

Important Dates:

  • December 21 and 22- Ms. Korver away.
  • December 22- Christmas Banquet
  • Christmas Vacation!
  • January 8- Classes resume; Ms. Korver away
  • Thursday, January 11- Ms. Korver away for an LF meeting

Have a wonderful Christmas! I’m off to watch the Oiler’s play in Edmonton, spend time with my family in Lethbridge, and a holiday to Cancun with my husband. See you all in the New Year!



Weekly Update December 11

Hello! Here’s what’s happening in 7Korver this week:

  • ELA- Students are revising, editing, and finalizing their This I Believe Essay’s. This should be done by Friday. Some students haven’t finished their rough copy- this should be done ASAP.
  • Math- Integer Stories should be done and handed in. We will be finishing our Numbers Strand with some Kiva.org analysis before moving on to Patterns and Relations.

We are currently collecting for the annual Cougar Christmas Hamper. All donations must be in by Friday, December 15. Please discuss with your child what you can bring and send it to school this week:

  • Bag of Potatoes
  • Cookies /Treats / Lunch Snacks
  • Bag of Onions
  • Christmas Candy /Chocolates
  • Turkey Dressing
  • Coffee / Tea
  • Gravy Mix / Bistro Rice / spices
  • Spreads/ Jams / cheese Whiz / mayo / mustard / Ketchup
  • Pancake mix
  • Pickles
  • Pancake syrup
  • Crackers
  • Cereals/ Oatmeal
  • Salad Dressing
  • Juice/ Juice boxes
  • Rice
  • Soups/ Canned Pasta Canned Vegetables / Fruit
  • Cranberries
  • Sugar
  • Flour
  • Pasta Sauce Side Dishes

Have a great week!



Weekly Update: Nov. 1 and Nov. 6


Here’s what’s happening over the next two weeks:

  • ELA- We are nearing the finish of A Long Walk to Water. We will be doing some wrap up reflection activities to wrap up our thinking and coming back to our big question, “What responsibility do individuals have to respond to the needs of refugees?”  As writer’s we are working on brainstorming ideas leading into our “This I Believe” personal narrative essay.
  • Math- Most students have completed their Decimals, Percents, and Fractions  Exit Card. We are moving on to adding and subtracting fractions.

A couple reminders:

  • Some students do not have a calculator for math. Please check if your students has a working calculator.
  • Many students are not coming to class with pens/pencils. Please check if your child needs a refill on school supplies.
  • Poppies are available for our Remembrance Day ceremony next week by donation.

Upcoming dates:

  • Wednesday, November 8- Ms. Korver away for Professional Development
  • Thursday, November 9- School wide Remembrance Day ceremony
  • Friday, November 10- No school. Prep day for teachers.
  • Monday, November 13- No school. Stat holiday.
  • Tuesday, November 14- No school. Day off for parent teacher interviews.
  • Wednesday, November 15- Ms Korver away for a personal day.

Have a great week!

Weekly Update: Oct. 16

Hello! I hope you had a wonderful fall weekend! Here’s what’s happening in 7Korver this week:

  • ELA 7- Continuing to read and discuss A Long Walk to Water. We will be starting to introduce our next narrative writing assignment later this week and will be using some class time on Monday and Tuesday to prep for Parent-Teacher Interviews
  • Math 7-  Most students have completed their last round of exit cards. We are moving on to decimals, fractions, and percents this week. We have also set up accounts with code.org for students to have the opportunity to learn to code in math class- coding allows students to apply mathematical concepts (geometry, spatial sense, patterning, algebra, formulas) to relevant scenarios. It also tests their logic, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving skills. For most students, this will act as an enrichment opportunity to focus on when they have demonstrated a solid understanding of the math concepts we are learning in class. Students are more than welcome to access it at home as well. If you are interested in more information click here, here, and here.

Upcoming dates:

  • Tuesday, Oct. 17- Ms. Korver away for Math meetings
  • Wednesday, Oct. 18 and Thursday, Oct. 19- Parent Teachers Interviews and Book Fair in library
  • Monday, Oct. 23- Ms. Korver away for Provincial Facilitation work
  • Thursday, Oc. 26- Ms Korver away for Provincial Facilitation work; Picture Retake day
  • Thursday, Nov. 9- End of Quadmester 1 for PAA; Remembrance Day Assembly
  • Friday, Nov. 10- No school (Prep day for teachers)
  • Monday, November 13- No school for Remembrance Day
  • Tuesday, November 14- No school (lieu day for Parent Teacher Interviews)
  • Wednesday, November 15- Ms. Korver away for a personal day

Have a great week!