Last Weekly Update for Grade 6!

The end is nearly here! We had a super fun today today at the first WCMS So You Think You Can Dance day with Mr. P’s class today!

Here is what’s up for this week, next week, and some end of the year reminders:

Subject specific updates:

We have a busy week finishing up some projects this week. There is more than enough time for most students to finish their work during class time, however, if they are not using it well, they may need to be taking some of these assignments home this week:

  • ELA- Non-fiction writing project (I’m an expert) should be done by MONDAY at the latest. Some students may need to take this home this week to work on it.
  • Math- Regular math class will continue all this week. We are studying patterns and relations. Many students still owe me exit card corrections on percents, fractions, and ratios. I will be contacting parents on Tuesday/Wednesday if there are missing assignments. 
  • Social Studies- We are completing one last project on Quality of Life. It should be finished by Friday. Students have three classes to complete it.
  • Career Ed- Career Poetry assignment is due on Friday. Students should easily be able to complete it during three classes this week, but may need to take it home if they do not use class time wisely.

Next week/end of the year treats and Reminders:

  • Monday, June 26- Grade 6 Swim Trip to Martensville. We are leaving at 8:45 am sharp. Students should be in the classroom for attendance at 8:35.
  • Wednesday, June 28- Grade 6 Movie in the Theatre. We typically gather all of the grade 6 students for a movie “on the big screen” on the last day of school.
  • Progress Reports:  If your child will not be attending school on Wednesday, June 28th and cannot pick up their progress report, the following alternative arrangements can be made:
    • Communicate with your child’s homeroom teacher about someone else picking it up from their classroom at the end of the day on June 28th.
    • Progress reports may be picked up in the school office on Thursday, June 29th or Friday, June 30th (before noon).
    • Provide a self-addressed stamped envelope before June 28th and it will be mailed.
    • Pick up the progress report from the school office between the hours of 9am-4pm after it re-opens on August 28th.
  • All student materials (from classrooms and lost and found bins) must be removed by the final day of classes. Unclaimed items are donated to charity at the beginning of July.

It was an absolute joy teaching this class this year. I have so many wonderful memories from this year.   I hope you have a great summer filled with lots of laughter, adventures, and sunshine!



Career Ed Links

Research links:

  • Government of Canada Job Bank – enter the job title (make use of the drop-down options once you start typing) and location you hope to live in. For your research, FOCUS on the links at the start of the description that include “Description |  Titles |  Duties |   Related Occupations”
  • Alberta OCC info – information and videos are from Alberta, but a lot of the information is transferable.  You can search by occupation to find all the jobs related to your keyword
  • Work BC Career Profiles – a great place to find lots of research information – make use of the drop-down options once you start typing.

Video Links:

  • Career Trek – videos about various careers.  Be cautious that information such as career outlooks and salaries are related to British Columbia, but some information is transferable to other provinces.  Be sure to click on the yellow “GET THE FULL STORY” on the right-hand side of the video – this gives you a complete job profile.
  • Career Trek Youtube channel: