Hi Grade 6! I can’t wait to meet you!

Hi grade 6!
How was your summer? I had an awesome summer break filled filled with lots of laughter, rest, relaxation, and time with family and friends.
I started the summer travelling to Philadelphia with Mrs. Orth and Mr. Read to attended the International Society for Technology in Education conference. There were over 20’000 teachers there spending their summer vacation learning about how to use technology in the classroom! I leaned so much and cannot wait to share some of the cool things I learned with you!
I spent the rest of July hanging out in Saskatoon, volunteering at the Jazz festival, competing in the dragon boat festival, and prepping for my next big summer project: my wedding!
In August, I traveled to southern Alberta with my (now) husband to a little mountain resort to get married. We were married on a perfect August afternoon surrounded by our closest friends and family.  Following our wedding with flew to Cuba for our honeymoon. We spent time relaxing on the beach, visited the city of Havana, sailed on a catamaran, and ate way too much chocolate at the buffet!

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