Weekly Update: Sept. 14

Hello! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and enjoyed the sunshine and warm temperatures!  Here is our weekly update:

  • Reader’s Workshop (ELA)- we are working on making connections as we read. So far, we’ve been only working on making Text to Self connection, but this week, we will focus on Text to World connections.We have been practising as a class, in small groups, and individually.  You can help at home by encouraging your child to make connections to stories you tell, movies/tv shows you watch, etc. 
  • Math- we will be finishing up our place value lessons by Tuesday and will be moving on to multiples, prime/composite numbers, and factoring. I will be offering extra math help Thursday at noon and  have posted extra math help links on the blog (at the very top of the page, click on “Math Extra Help”).
  • SuperYou program (Health/ELA)– we are going to start to look at our individual character traits and how they make us unique and individuals and contribute to our identity. Students should have finished and handed in their values letter last Friday.
  • Social Studies- We are going to be looking at different types of maps and what information they can tell us about countries and areas. We will take this information and (hopefully) participate in a mystery skype (or two!). You can help at home by showing your child maps of places they have visited, where relatives live/lived, and explaining the geography of the area (perhaps find a physical map as well!).
  • Art- in conjunction with our identity unit, we will be finishing our self portraits and starting to prepare for our next project: mixed media identity project.  You can help at home by helping your child brainstorm items that symbolize their identity (ie. family heirlooms, sports teams logos, family pictures, etc.)

Other items:

  • Library book exchange on Tuesday
  • Immunization forms should be handed in tomorrow (Monday morning)
  • Phys Ed on Tuesday and Thursday

I think that’s it! Have a fantastic week!


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