Mission: Buy More Books!

 Mission 1: Graphic Novels

We (well, me) have been asked to buy popular graphic novels for all of the grade 6 classes to share. I need your help! What graphic novels do you think grade 6 students want to read this year?  What are the most popular graphic novels that you haven’t read yet? What are the hardest graphic novels to find in the library?

Task:  Search the following links and find any graphic novels that you think grade 6 students will like. Think about books that are at a “just right level” (not too easy, not too hard) and books that most students have not read yet as your choose books for your fellow grade six-ers.

Copy and paste the link (or write the title and author) on the padlet page below: http://padlet.com/amy_korver2/graphicnovels

Mission 2: Update our classroom library. 

We have been granted some money to spend on updating our classroom library! Awesome! What books are we missing? What books do we NEED to have? What are your favourite series?  What types of books (adventure, graphic novels, non-fiction, hockey, dancing, etc.) should we include?  Use the following links to help you post books to the padlet page:

Head here to post your ideas: http://padlet.com/amy_korver2/classlibrary


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