Weekly Update: October 5

Hello grade 6 parents!  First of all, I must apologize for missing last week’s update! The week got away from me and I was never able to get to it.  Here’s what’s going on in 6Korver:

-ELA: We start the Global Read Aloud this week! We will be reading Fish In  A Tree together as a class, recording our connections, questions, and aha moments. We will also be connecting with other classes around the world via skype, twitter, and blogging reading the same book (I will email/post a separate post later this week how we will be doing this). Additionally, students are in the middle of creating videos/presentations for Mrs. Lowndes’ class in Quesnel, BC to teach them how to make text-to-text, text-to-self, and text-to-world connections. We are hoping to finish up and send them to them for feedback by the end of this week.

-Math: Exit Cards for multiples, factoring, and prime/composite numbers should be completed by the end of the day on Monday. Any students who need to make corrections or would like to redo sections can stay in at lunch on Thursday.  We are moving on to integers and order of operations later this week. Many students are struggling to remember their multiplication facts- I am hoping to post some practise games/links to the Math Extra Help section later this week.

-Health: We are continuing on with the SuperYou program this week. We will be focusing on the topics of resiliency and empowerment.

-Social Studies: All of our mystery skypes fell through last week, so I’m hoping to put our skills to a test later this week. Barring no hurricanes, we should be having at least one on Friday.  Meanwhile, we are practising our mapping skills and ability to read maps. Each student has selected a country and is finding political, physical, population, climate, and natural resource maps to find out more specific information about that country. Most students are nearly done and should be finished by Monday or Tuesday.

-Art: We’ll be putting a lot of work into our mixed media art projects this week. Students are finding and creating collages to represent their identity. Some students may want to be printing out pictures/bringing objects from home for this project.

-CPR (Circle of Power and Respect): We start every morning with our morning meetings. Up until now, I’ve been leading CPR, but starting this week, small groups will be leading CPR every week.

Just a couple other reminders/notes:

-Please return the Bible History forms tomorrow.

-Miss Harvey is a student teacher from the University of Saskatchewan who will be working in our class until the spring. She will be here every Tuesday and will be spending Wednesday’s working in Mrs. Rowley’s classroom.

I think that’s it! Have a great week!


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