Weekly Update: Nov. 2

Good morning! We have a short week this week before we have a mini-break from Nov. 6-11. We are spending a lot of our time prepping for Student Involved Conferences and finishing up and starting new projects this week. Here’s what’s up in 6Korver this week:

Math- As a class, we really struggled with learning about Order of Operations and writing expressions. We slowed down a bit last week to ensure that everyone was on track. Our goal is to finish our Order of Operations exit card this week and review decimals before we dive into multiplying and dividing decimals.  Extra help for math (specifically on Order of Operations word problems) is available today at lunch. 

Social Studies- We’ve been studying time zones and reviewing continents. We’ll continue to work on our combined ELA/Art/Social Studies project (Global Postcard Exchange) as well. We’re learning how to write a friendly letter, identify symbols of Canada and Saskatchewan, and design the front of a postcard.

ELA- We are continuing to read Fish in a Tree, work on our reading stamina in Reader’s Workshop, and starting to really focus in on editing our writing. If you haven’t had a chance to log in and see our blog writing and our 100 Word Challenge stories, I’d encourage you to do so! When we get back from the break we will be really zoning into working on how to monitor our comprehension and editing for spelling mistakes.

Health- Students discussed conflict management with Mr. Bellamy last week. We’ll be starting on our superhero project this week to understand our positive character traits.

Art- Student’s have completed their identity mixed media projects and are working on designing postcards. Once we have finished this project we’ll be moving on to our drama unit and creating podcasts based on African folktales.

Just a reminder:

-Student led conferences are this evening and Thursday evening. If you haven’t signed up, please contact myself or the office.

-Remembrance Day ceremony is on Thursday. Students are encouraged to bring a donation for a poppy to wear.


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