Weekly Update: Nov. 16

Hello! Welcome back to a 5 day week! Rumour has it that there are only 27 school days until Christmas vacation!

Here’s what’s going on in our classroom this week:

  • ELA- We are continuing to read Fish in a Tree and read our personal books during Reader’s Workshop. Students are working hard at recording their thinking (making connections, asking questions) during both. Next week, we will start to examine metacognition while reading and monitoring our comprehension. Last week, we took our initial spelling assessment to guide our word work program. I’m hoping to start to look at that next week as well.
  • Math- We are in charge of creating daily global math challenges for the #gmttcMS twitter hashtag. Student’s created order of operation’s word problems that we will post daily this week. Several students are still confused on order of operations, I will be sending home some extra math for those students who would like to continue to practise. Hopefully, we’ll get a lot of responses to our questions!  Later this week will start to look at multiplying decimals. We’ll start with a quick review with decimals before we start.  We will be completing this learning primarily WITHOUT a calculator, so practise of multiplication and division facts at home may be beneficial. Extra math help is available on Thursday morning at 8:15am. 
  • Health- We are spending a fair bit of time on health this week: finishing our super hero’s character traits project (due Thursday or Friday), looking at the connection between personal standards, values, and character traits and discussing the importance of respecting diverse backgrounds. Additionally, today we started our weekly goals (action plans): each Monday, students are asked to write down their weekly goal related to school. Basically, what is one thing that will help them be a better student this week than they were last week? Students selected everything from asking more questions in class, finishing a book, completing xtra math at home, controlling their blurting or chair tipping in class, etc. Please check in with your child and help hold them accountable for their goal this week. We will be reflecting on our goal on Friday and setting a new goal next week.
  • Global Postcard Challenge (Art)- we are working hard to finish these and mail them off. Many students have taken them home for homework over the last couple days. They should be done by Wednesday. We will be mailing them off on Thursday.
  • Social Studies- finishing up our time zones study on Wednesday.

Other things to note for this week:

  • I am away for medical appointments on Thursday afternoon and next Monday all day. I am also away on Friday for a literacy team meeting.
  • Library book exchange- tomorrow morning.
  • Curling meeting for interested students is tomorrow at morning recess in my classroom. Curling will start next Tuesday.
  • Makerspace meeting Wednesday at morning recess in Mrs. Hamel’s room.
  • OCC boxes are due on Wednesday.
  • Math help on Thursday at 8:15am
  • Report cards go out next Friday.

Last thing: as the weather gets colder, please remind your child to dress properly for the weather. Students are expected to be going outside before school, for morning recess, and at lunch recess. Students should also be following our two shoe rule for the school: outdoor shoes and indoor shoes.

I think that’s it! Have a great week!


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