Weekly Update: Nov. 23

Hello! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Here’s what’s going on this week:

  • ELA: We will be working a major blog post/writing assignment on the lessons we’ve learned from the book Fish in a Tree. Students are expected to be able to relate the lesson they learned to their own life in grade 6 and how the book applies to them. We’ll also be looking at how to monitor our comprehension as we read.
  • Math: We’re finishing up multiplying decimals early this week. Then, we’re going to start on a math project where students will need to plan a meal for their family. We’ll be using grocery store flyers to determine the prices and demonstrating our multiplication and division skills to determine how much we need to purchase and what each serving will cost. This will act as the “exit card” for this math section.  As we work on this, we’ll be learning estimating skills and division of decimals at the same time.
  • Social: we got carried away with reading Fish in a Tree last week and never got to reviewing time zones.
  • Fine Arts: We’ve shifted into our Drama unit. Right now we’re working on using our voice to be expressive as we recite different Reader’s Theatre’s scripts. Students performed their first one this afternoon to the class.  They’ll perform a second one early next week in which they are peer and self evaluated to lead up to our big project: recording a podcast/radio show of an African Folktale. Students will need to show expression, intonation, clear speaking voices, and use of background sounds to allow the listener to visualize what is being read.
  • Health: students are working on their weekly goals and action plans each week. We won’t be doing a lot of direct teaching of health over the next couple weeks as I’ll be teaching it in our next Social Studies unit on rights and responsibilities.

Other things to note:

  • Tomorrow we are having a science presentation by SaskEnergy. We’ll also be participating in the Rocks and Rings curling program tomorrow afternoon.
  • Library book exchange tomorrow morning.
  • Skating on November 25 with Mrs.Hoffman for phys. ed.
  • December 1: We’re heading to the drama production at WHS. Parent permission forms will be sent home tomorrow.

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