Weekly Update: Nov. 30

Hello, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Here’s what’s going on in 6Korver this week:

  • ELA- Miss Harvey (our student teacher) will be teaching us about using good hooks for our writing on Tuesday morning. In Reader’s Workshop, we’ll be looking at how to monitor our comprehension and how to read difficult texts and rely on our background knowledge.
  • Math- We’re finishing up our multiplying decimals and moving on to dividing decimals this week. Students may want to review long division ahead of time with these videos. Students may want to be reviewing their multiplication facts at home.
  • Fine Arts (Drama)- tomorrow students are performing their Reader’s Theatre performances to our class. We’ll be doing one last round of practise with Abbott and Costello’s Who’s on First script before we start on our major project: recording a podcast/radio performance of an African folktale using garage band. We’ll finish this up by early next week. I’m hoping to publish them on the blog for you to listen!
  • Social Studies- We’re going to focus on Fine Arts this week, and then use the time to  focus on Social Studies until Christmas.
  • Health- students will be resetting their weekly goals tomorrow morning. Please check in with your child to help hold them accountable to meet their goal.

This past week, we changed how we do the seating arrangement in our classroom. After much class discussion, we’ve agreed to let the student’s pick their spot on a weekly basis (every Thursday afternoon). We drew randomly for students to choose and I stressed the idea that sitting in their best spot is not necessarily always sitting near friends. I was super impressed with the wise choices students made. When we choose again on Thursday, students cannot sit next to the same people as the previous week. Any students who cannot focus or need to be moved will lose their right to self select and will be given a permanent spot for a set amount of time. 

A couple reminders: 

  • Please send a packed lunch on Tuesday. We are heading to the musical at WHS on Tuesday. Students should have a packed lunch to eat at school as we will be needing to meet in the classroom at 12:30 so they will be missing their lunch recess.
  • School wide reading party. We’ve booked our second school wide reading party for Wednesday, Dec. 16th from 9am-10am. Parents, grandparents, and invited guests are welcome to join us for CPR and reading.
  • Ornament making for the school Christmas tree will be on Thursday and Friday in our class. We’ll be making a variety of paper ornaments, so some students may wish to bring their own scrapbooking paper to make their ornaments.

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