Weekly Update: December 7

Hello! Here’s what’s going on in 6Korver this week:

  • Fine Arts- We’ll be recording our African Folktale reader’s theater this week.
  • Math- completing the exit card for multiplying and dividing decimals this week. Students should be handing in the What’s For Dinner Project on Monday morning. Decimal sheet #6 will be due on Wednesday. Extra math help is offered on Thursday morning this week.
  • ELA- We’re focusing on having interesting “hooks” in our writing. We’ll be completing blog posts and the 100 Word Challenge to show this off. In reader’s workshop, we’re continuing to work on monitoring our comprehension and examining text features and how they can help us read.
  • Health- We’ll be focusing on personal safety, rights and responsibilities. We’ll specifically be looking at the tobacco industry and smoking to illustrate this.
  • Social Studies- we’ll be looking at types of power and authority and examples.

Other things going on:

  • Secret Santa- We drew names for our class Secret Santa on Friday. To continue improving our classroom community, we’ve added a twist: Students have been asked to perform at least 2-3 random acts of kindness leading up to December 18th for their Secret Santa. This could include: drawing a picture, writing a poem, decorating their locker, inviting them to work with them, playing with them at recess, making a book recommendation, etc. On December 18th, students are asked to bring a gift no more than $10 for their Secret Santa.
  • Reading Party- please let me know if you are planning to attend the Reading Party on December 16th. We will do CPR (Circle of Power and Respect) as a class and then read with parents.
  • Assembly on Thursday morning.

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