Weekly Update: Dec. 14

Christmas vacation is nearly here!  We have a lot of finishing up and celebrating to do this week:

  • Math- finishing up all assignments and corrections on our decimals unit. There will be extra math up/catch up available Thursday morning before school. We’ll be ending the week with some Christmas themed math problems on Thursday.
  • ELA- We’ve been working on making our writing stronger with hooks and descriptive language (show, not tell). We’ll continue this in the new year. As reader’s we are looking at how text features help us to understand our books better and monitor our comprehension. Over the break, as you read as a family, notice what hooks the author is using, how the author is able to paint a picture for the reader, and text feature clues that help you better understand the book.
  • Drama- our goal is to finish our podcasts/reader theatre recordings by Wednesday. They will be posted on SoundCloud for you to listen to when we are done!
  • Social Studies- mystery skype today (Tuesday)! We’ll be looking at types of power and authority over the week.

Friday’s plan: On Friday we’ll be celebrating the holiday’s together as a class and (hopefully) celebrating the fact we finally got our paper clip chain to touch the floor! The plan is to: have a Christmas themed Reader’s Workshop,  spend part of the morning playing board games- students are encouraged to bring a board game, card game, etc. to play., exchange gifts (Secret Santa gift exchange), and go skating from 2:30-3:00.   (Note: we will do a class potluck in the new year.)

I hope everyone has a wonderful, restful holiday with your family.

See you in 2016!



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