Weekly Update: Jan. 11

Good afternoon! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Here’s what’s going on in 6Korver this week:

  • ELA- In Reader’s Workshop, we are working on monitoring our comprehension as we read- focusing on our metacognition and using our schema. We are asking questions such as: What am I noticing as I read? What am I thinking? What am I visualizing? What is the text making me feel?  After this (late this week/early next week), we’ll be applying these concepts to challenging books and articles and determining what to do when we encounter difficult texts.  As writer’s we are finishing up our descriptive writing (show, not tell). By the end of this week student’s will be handing in one piece of writing that illustrates their hooks, descriptive writing, and revising/editing skills. Some students have been working hard on one really long piece, others have been practicing with several shorter pieces. On Wednesday, we are skyping with author Todd Strasser. He’ll be sharing with us his writing process and talking about his books. He has written over 140 middle school and YA books, so I think he’ll have a thing or two to teach us!
  • Math- we have finished up fractions. Students should understand how to create equivalent fractions, simplify fractions, and convert mixed to improper fractions. We will start on the exit card tomorrow. It should be completed by the end of the week. Math extra help on Thursday morning at 8:15am. 
  • Social Studies- we have a mystery skype scheduled for tomorrow morning. We will be spending time working on our power and authority unit this week.
  • Health- finishing our decision making unit (on tobacco use) on Thursday and Friday. We’ll then move on to a combined Health/ELA unit and read aloud on infectious diseases.
  • Fine Arts (Drama)- we started the planning of our fractured fairy tales scripts this afternoon. We’ll start writing the scripts late this week/early next week.

Other things to take note:

  • Class potluck tomorrow at lunch. We’ll probably get started at 11:45.
  • Swimming forms due tomorrow.
  • French quiz on Friday.
  • I am away on Friday for literacy meetings.

Important dates:

  • Thursday, Jan. 14, 21, 28 and Feb. 4- Bible history classes resume for the last half hour of the day. Please let me know by Tuesday if your family’s choice has changed for this round.
  • Tuesday, Jan. 19- Swimming from 1-3pm
  • Friday, Jan. 29- No school (Teacher prep day)
  • Wednesday, Feb. 10th- Ski Trip
  • Week of Feb. 15th- no school (Feb. break)

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