Weekly Update: Jan. 18

Hello! January is flying by! Only 4 weeks until February break! Here’s what we are working on this week:

  • ELA- writing scripts for our fractured fairy tales unit (combined ELA/Drama). Scripts will probably be done by the end of this week/early next week. Feedback is constantly being given so that students are handing in their best work. Once the scripts are complete, we will read them as reader’s theatre and then decide in small groups, which ones will be performed.  As reader’s we have been working on using our schema and identifying how it makes us better readers. Later this week/early next week, we are going to be challenged to read a text and demonstrate our comprehension strategies to help us understand what we are reading.
  • Math- finishing up exit cards on fractions. Then moving on percents. Extra math help is available on Thursday morning at 8:15am.
  • Social Studies- finishing up our intro to power and authority. Students applied these concepts to the story of Nelson Mandela last week. We’ll be doing a couple final assessments/exit cards on these terms before we move on to the impacts of racism and the effects of white privilege historically and today.
  • Health- finish up decision making unit (hopefully) this week.

Important dates:

  • Ski Trip forms are due on Friday.
  • Thursday, Jan. 21- Beach Day at school! (Remember to bring warm layers for outside recess)
  • Friday, Jan. 29- No school (Teacher prep day)
  • Wednesday, Feb. 10th- Ski Trip
  • Week of Feb. 15th- no school (Feb. break)

Learning for Life Presentation:

As a member of our school’s literacy team, I assist with the annual Learning for Life presentation. We have been asked to pass this message to parents:

Every year, WCMS creates a Learning for Life presentation that is shared in our school division.  This year’s presentation will reflect on school goals related to literacy and comprehension as well as on creating a culture of reading at our school. 
We are proud to include the voices of students, staff, and parents in our presentations, so we would love to hear from you!  If you have an example of how our school’s focus on literacy and reading has impacted your child, we would like to hear about it!  Maybe your child found a “home run” book that has made them a reader?  Maybe you have enjoyed coming in to our school to share in our reading parties?  Maybe you and your child have BOTH enjoyed reading The Hunger Games or The Selection Series together?  If you have a reading story to share, please email your child’s teacher.  We also love seeing stories of reading and learning on social media, so feel free to also post it to facebook or twitter (@wcmsstorm) with the hashtag #wcmsreads
Have a great week!

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