Week in Review/Weekly Update: Feb. 2

Hello! Because I missed last week, this week’s update will serve as both a week in review and an update for next week. There is a lot going on in 6Korver this week and a lot of unit changes, so grab a cup of tea, because this update is a long one!

  • Math- We are finishing up our unit on percents and ratios this week. The majority of students have done/ are doing extremely well on their exit cards- awesome work! To finish up learning about fractions, percents, and ratios we’ll be heading to the foods lab next week to make chocolate chip cookies and do some final math questions on them. Students will be asked to bring some of the ingredients (ie. one student brings sugar, another brings the flour, etc.) We’ll come up with our lists by Friday.  Once we are done our ratio exit cards, we will start a new unit on patterns and relationships.
  • ELA- As reader’s, we are working on annotating our thinking while we read- both on our choice reads and on provided articles. Last week students were challenged to read closely an article on the underground railroad. Some students forgot to actually recording their thinking and have been encouraged to redo an aricle if they received a mark of 2- please check with your child if they should be redoing this assignment. Drama scripts are due tomorrow. We have finished our scripts for ELA/Drama project and will be doing one final round of feedback this week before students hand them in for a final mark. All final scripts should be handed into me by Thursday.
  • Health/ELA/Social Studies-  We are starting a new read aloud book this week: Deborah Ellis’ The Heaven Shop. This a book about Binti, a young girl from Malawi who has lost both of her parents to AIDs. This book will help us learn about the affects of HIV/AIDs on individual’s and communities for health; help us learn about communities in Africa and quality of life for Social Studies; and will act as a mentor text for the comprehension strategy of determining importance for ELA.  Already the class has engaged in many rich conversations on social justice, equality, and global poverty; I suspect many students will be going home with more questions and conversations.
  • Social Studies- We are starting to look at misuses of power and authority, racism, and discrimination. We’ve been looking at examples of aparthied in South Africa and residential schools in Canada. We will continue to do small group research projects and presentations on other examples- civil rights in the USA, slavery in the USA, Japanese Canadian internment in Canada. I’m hoping that we can finish up and present these projects by next Friday.
  • Global Teenager Project- When we get back from the break, we will be starting an awesome new project in Social Studies and ELA. We will be learning about children’s rights through the Global Teenager Project and sharing our learning with classes in the country of Georgia, Ukraine, the Netherlands, and in Ontario. We’ll be communicating through a Wiki, skype, making videos, creating posters, poetry, inquiry projects, and using peer scholar to write reports.

Other things to note for the upcoming weeks:

  • Students have finished Career Ed with Mrs. Hamel and will be starting music with Mr. Cummings tomorrow morning. Music will be on Day 2 and 5 from 9:15 to 10:04.
  • Miss Harvie (student teacher) returns tomorrow! She will be joining us on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. This semester she will be taking on more a teaching load than before Christmas. She will be with us until the end of March.

Important Dates:

  • Wednesday, Feb. 3- Ms. Korver away in the morning
  • Wednesday, Feb. 3- Cyber Safety/Bullying presentation at 10am. There is a parent information night that evening- see the newsletter for more details.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 10- Ski Trip. Meet in the classroom at between 6:30-6:40am. Students should have a lunch packed or money for lunch. There is no supper stop, so students should have snacks packed for the trip home.

Have a great week!




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