#1S1W Reflection Instructions

  1. Did you post your pictures, with 1 sentence captions yesterday? No? DO IT NOW.

2. Scroll through and read some of the #1S1W feed on twitter. As you read, think:

  • what similarities do we have to these schools (values, learning environments, weather, field trips, etc)?
  • what is different about their school?

3.  Answer the following questions using the padlet links:


One thought on “#1S1W Reflection Instructions

  1. Dear Mrs Korver and grade 6 class,
    My name is Bridie and I am in grade 6 at a school in Melbourne, Australia. We are having a very hot summer right now as it is over 100 in Fahrenheit. We are hoping for a cool change tonight. We have been participating in the one school, one world challenge. We have noticed a few similarities except for the weather. Are you allowed to play outside in the snow at lunchtimes? It has never snowed over here where we live so we have never experienced snow at school.
    From Bridie on behalf of Senior S.


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