What is snow like?

Earlier this week, Mrs C’s class from Melbourne, Australia responded to our #1S1W post. IMG_0506One of the things they were curious about was snow. Here are our responses. I hope this helps to explain everything!


Snow is really fun to play with there is lots of different types of snow there is the wet sticky snow that we get when it is a little bit warmer out the temperature 10 degrees Celsius or warmer. In the wet sticky snow you can make snowmen or snowballs my favorite thing to do in the snow is to make a snow fort or go sledding. The next kind of snow is the really crunchy snow that gets hard when it is really cold at night. In that snow it makes a cool sound when you step in it. There is also fluffy snow that is not sticky but it is very fluffy and in that snow you can jump in it. My favorite type of snow is the sticky snow because you can do a lot of stuff in it.  -Jael

Hello mates,this is my paragraph of snow! Snow is very cold and we wear gloves and toques,boots,big jackets and neck warmers.It gets -40’c and that is cold but right now it is a warm winter it is only -15’c and that is not that bad.Snow is like cold white powder. when it gets warm and there is snow on the ground it is sticky so we can make,forts,snowballs and snowmen. I always wanted to go to Australia. -Nik

In Warman, SK we get a lot of snow and cold weather like -40 is a super cold weather. But this year it is super weird it is in the middle of Feb and there is snow melting and  slushy water so kind like a slushy from the corner store in the summer when it is hot out. When we are having a cold winter we have to wear ski pants which are what we put over are real pants and a winter jacket and it is very big well sometimes. We also wear mittens and a toque a toque is kinda a thicker than a hat. Sometimes we go to school a the snow is a deep as our knees at sometimes. We make snowman and snow angles, snow fort, snow ball fights. When you would get home from school by walking your nose would so cold and your fingers. My favorite  thing is to have hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows in it. Yummy! I hope you enjoyed learning about snow and get to play in it sometime. – Taya

Snow for people in Australia would be very cold for you because you are so used to the hot weather in Australia and you have probably  never had a winter with snow. With snow you can make many many things like a snowman, snow fort, snow angel, and an igloo. If you have a hill, witch we do it will be covered in snow and you can go sledding. When you go sledding you can make a jump out of snow and you can go down and hit the jump. If you have quads then i will tell you a little bit about a ski-doo a ski-doo runs kind of like a quad but it has tracks. That is something about snow hope you learned something.  -Carter S

In Saskatchewan it snows a lot. At our school we are allowed to play in the snow at recess! If its -30c , then we have to stay inside and do something in our classroom.
If you dont know what snow is, its white fluffy cold wet stuff that comes from the sky…  
At our school at recess, some kids go sledding down snowy hills, build snowmen, or just play in the snow. But at school we cant throw snowballs at each other because someone might get hurt, and we cant go skiing or snowboarding because the hills at the school aren’t meant to be skiing/snowboarded down.Also, just because there is snow on the ground, doesn’t mean we have to stop our “warmer weather” activities. Lots of kids still play soccer outside in the snow. – Tasha

snow is a fluffy and soft form of frozen rain.,  you can do a lot of fun stuff with snow you can go snow boarding and skiing and sledding  you can make snow angels and snow men –Aiden

Here in Saskatchewan we get snow every single WINTER! No matter what we get snow every winter. Snow is very FLUFFY!.. and wet but its very fun to play in. You can build snow forts and snowman. You can also have snowball fights.Snow comes from the sky its wet cold and FUN!! Sometimes when it gets to 0c (32f) the snow is sticky and its why more fun to play with. When it gets to -40c (-40f) we cant go outside because we can get frost bight. We can also go skiing and snowboarding in the winter in the mountains.You can also go SLEDDING when you go sledding you go on a plastic or a tube and slide down a hill on it. Its REALLY fun you can also make ramps and hit the ramp with your sled and go really high!! You can also make IGLOO’S!! -Brooke

ITS SO FLUFFY!  Snow is cold and really fluffy. Its white and comes in the winter. Its really fun to play in and you can build big forts. You can also build big snow mans and structure. My favorite  thing about snow is snowball fights! -Carter C

What is snow? Snow is basically like a snow cone only it has no flavor or color. Snow is wet cold and FUN!!! Some things we like to do is make snow men or snow angels. Snow is made out of snow flakes that are really tiny and beautiful no 2 snow flakes are the same. -Miranda

Snow is frozen rain.  You can do snow sports like hockey, snowboarding, skiing, and snowmobiling.  As you can tell its frozen but it’s soft so you need a jacket and ski pants -Ben H

It’s fluffy and white, you can play in it, jump in it, have snow ball fights, go sledding. -Rhyanna

Snow can be soft hard or sticky. It can be fun and it can suck.  If there is a blizzard it would suck but if there is a soft snow fall it would be fun. In blizzard the snow flies in to your face and normally its soft but it feels like small ice pieces.  It is fun also too. You can make snow people and igloos or snow forts, you can even have a snow ball fight. The ice is mostly fun because you can slide across it with out even having to move or you can play hockey on it. The ice is dangerous if you throw it at people. You can also go snowmobiling through it which is super fun. -Ben N

Here in Canada we usually have lots of snow but this year we have not as much as snow but we still have fun playing in it. Here when when is too cold out we do not go out for recess because its too cold and we could get sick. When it too hot we would for sure go for resses because usually its not that hot and also in the snow we can build snowman and make fort’s and have snowball fight’s. When it is sticky because it melted a little bit we can play way more. The places that have snow all year are the top of the montains like near calgary in the Rockie Mountains and other big Mountains. Also in the winter a lot of people come from around the world to go snowboarding and skiing. The end  -Rhett

In Canada it is very cold it is 25.f that’s cold?. We have to where big puffy jackets and mitts and a touque so we can stay warm. And if it’s to cold we have to stay in side for recess but it is never Riley that cold but it is usually -20 to – 40.snow is water that’s is fluffy and frozen and fun.when it is sticky we can make balls with snow it fun you should come to Canada it’s fun  come to British Columbia you can go snow skiing it is so fun. -Anonymous

Hello, my name is Maddie and I’m going to tell you what snow is like here in Saskatchewan and all the fun things you can do with it. Snow usually falls in November or December and lasts all through January and February. Snow is cold and temperatures can get to -40c. Thank fully there is something to warm you up when its this cold, hot chocolate:hot-chocolate.jpg

when snow first falls kids like to make snow angels: snow2520angel.jpg
 If the snow is sticky you can make a snowman: snowman-wallpaper.jpg
you can make a fort:
and my favorite snowballs:yukigassen_8.jpg

 snow is so much fun. there’s so many things you can do with snow that I love! -Madeline



Snow is  like rain that is frozen and fluffy when snow just falls it is very soft and fun to play in but once its a day old it is very crunchy and hard. When it starts to be spring the snow melts and either it turns into water and then it gets frozen especially in dugouts there is always frozen water snow is just like frozen rain and when it gets warm but not warm enough to melt you can make snow balls and forts when the snow is crunchy it may look like there is snowballs but when you throw them at people that get hurt. And the ice really can hurt snow on the roads are brown but if its on grass its white we also play soccer in the snow you can where boots but if you have high rise shoes you can just where shoes. -Carter B


One thought on “What is snow like?

  1. Wow,
    Thank you Mrs Korver’s class. We enjoyed reading your posts on snow. It does snow in Australia but not where we live and not for very long each year. For us to see the snow in winter we need to drive about 1 hours to the mountains.
    Our students have commented and we have written a post back for you.
    The comments are on a Google Slideshow and you can reply if you like as they have more questions https://goo.gl/IhKNyL
    Our post is here http://juniormslearningjourney.blogspot.com.au/2016/02/canada-and-australia.html

    Mrs Coffa and Ms Scott
    on behalf of Senior S


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