#WCMSReads Reading Party

You are invited to join the WCMS community for a reading party and classroom CPR experience!

WHO: Parents, grandparents, or invited guests of WCMS students

WHAT: A chance to visit your student’s classroom. Some classrooms will have guests observe or participate in the CPR experience that WCMS students have every day. You are then invited to sit down and read with your child! You can listen to them read, share a story, or be a reading role model. Feel free to bring your own book or a newspaper or magazine that you can share with your child!

WHEN: Friday, March 11th from 9:00-10:00 am

WHERE: Please meet students in their classroom. You will be given further instructions about CPR activities and/or where you can go to enjoy your reading time.

WHY: To celebrate the joy of sharing, learning, and reading together! We understand that not every family is able to attend every reading party, but we always love opening up our classrooms to those who are able to join us!

BONUS: Adults – don’t forget to pick up a free cup of coffee outside the main office! If possible, bring your own travel mug to reduce waste and possible spills! You can also check out the creations of some of our MakerSpace students at this time!
To assist in our planning, please let your child’s classroom teacher know if a parent, grandparent, or other guest is able to attend!


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