Weekly Update: Feb. 29


Here is what is happening in 6Korver this week. Just a reminder, that anyone who has not returned bowling forms MUST return them tomorrow morning. 

Math- We’ll be continuing to work on our patterns and relations unit. We’ll start on our input/output exit card tomorrow and start applying what we know about patterns to algebraic statements. Many students would benefit from regular review of their multiplication and division facts.

ELA- With Miss Harvey, students finished up and published their persuasive paragraphs last week. There are a couple students who need to finish these up, please double check with your child if they need to finish.  On Tuesday, Miss Harvey will be introducing their next persuasive writing task. We’ll be taking some time over the next two weeks to work with Miss Hartel’s grade 4 class to determine criteria for what makes a great picture book. We’ll then apply that criteria to vote for our favourite Shining Willow Award finalists. In reader’s workshop student’s are being encouraged to read and vote for the Diamond Willow finalists and Snow Willow finalists.  Reading with the grade 4 students will help us work on our fluency and allow us to teach the grade 4 students about our metacognition as readers.

Health- continuing to read The Heaven Shop to study the affects of HIV/AIDs.

Fine Arts- We’ll be put into small groups to act our our fractured fairy tales. I’m hoping we can preform them early next week.

Social Studies- We’ll be taking some time to revise our abuses of power projects early this week. Many student’s handed in projects that didn’t show the necessary depth and detail I was expecting. Students will be given some class time to make improvements but may also want to take time at home or at lunch to ensure that they are handing in their best possible work.

Other items to note:

  • I am away on Tuesday afternoon for professional development.
  • Bowling is scheduled for Friday afternoon. We will be leaving at 12:15, so students who normally go home for lunch, will need to bring a lunch to eat at school. Students are allowed to bring money for snacks at the bowling alley, but cannot bring the food with them on the bus ride home (must eat it there).
  • Last round of bible history classes start on Thursday, March 10th. 
  • Our next school wide Reading Party is scheduled for Friday, March 11th. Invitations will be sent out later this week.

Have a great week!


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