Weekly Update: March 7

Hello! Here is our update for this week. Note: there are a lot of final assessments or redo assignment that students should be handing in this week.

  • ELA: Miss Harvey will continue to work on persuasive writing with students on Tuesday and Wednesday. Any students’ who are not done their planning by Tuesday, should be taking it home to work on.
  • Math: We’ll be doing some corrections on our last round of exit cards for Pattern’s and Relation’s.
  • Health: Continuing to read and discuss the book, The Heaven Shop, to examine decision making surrounding HIV/AIDs. Students went back to making weekly goals this week. Please check with your child what their weekly goal is and how you can help them achieve it. 
  • Social Studies: We’ll be starting to look at the similarities and differences between the communities we are learning with for the Global Teenager Project.We’ll also start looking at the Right to a Safe Home.  Last week, students had the opportunity to improve and redo their abuses of power research projects. There are a couple students who have not handed in their redos. Please check with your child if they need to complete this. I will also be handing back Brazil questions- some students may want to take time at home this week to improve their responses. 
  • Drama: students are busy practising their fractured fairy tale plays/skits. They will be performing them at the end of this week.

Other items to note:

  • Reading Party this Friday morning from 9-10am. Please let me know if you plan on attending.
  • Scholastic book orders are due on Friday.
  • Bible History starts on Thursday



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