Weekly Update: March 14

Hello, here is what is happening in 6Korver this week:

  • ELA- Students will be finishing up their persuasive writing assignment with Miss Harvey. At some point this week, they will be taking it home to receive feedback from their parents on how persuasive they are in their writing. The goal is to convince parents to take them on a trip- do they have a solid argument? Does their evidence appear researched and backed up? How else could they convince you?  As reader’s we will continue to work on inferring as we read and practicing with our own books. This may be a great time to check with your child as to what they are reading, why they feel it is a just right book and making them a better reader. 
  • Math- We will be starting on the Data Analysis and Probability unit. Students are starting out by surveying grade 6 students.
  • Health- Continuing to read the Heaven Shop. We are also going back to discussing conflict resolution and successful ways to manage conflict.
  • Social Studies- With the Global Teenager project, we will be examining what the “right to a safe home” means. Students will be taking on a project, alone or with a partner, to share with other schools with are learning with. They will have the choice to research, write a song or a poem, or draw a cartoon to explain their understanding of a right to a safe home.
  • Fine Arts- we’ll be continuing with this after the Easter break. We are moving on to our dance unit next.

Other things to note:

  • 7Bymoen is having a pizza sale. Forms are going home today. 7Procyshyn is selling rafiki bracelets. Forms are going home today.
  • Library fine reports are going home today.
  • Student led conference time slots open on March 21.
  • Easter break starts March 25th.

Have a great week!


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