Weekly Update: March 21

Hello! Last week before Easter! I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter break. This week is focused on wrapping up a couple projects before we have the week off.  Here’s what’s going on in 6Korver:

  • Math- finishing up our graphing unit. We may have a chance to start on some probability.
  • Health- working our way through The Heaven Shop read aloud; working on conflict management techniques; and Miss Harvey will be working on some lessons centered around media awareness.
  • Social Studies- I am really hoping that we can start and finish Challenge 1 for the Global Teenager Project. Students have selected a variety of projects around “The Right to a Safe Home.”
  • Fine Arts- We’ll be starting Dance after the Easter break.
  • ELA- working on inferring with our independent novels.


Other things to note:

  • I know a lot of students are away over the next week and after the Easter break. A reminder to let the school office know about upcoming absences.
  • Report cards go home on Thursday afternoon. The conference scheduler for Student Led Conferences opened today.
  • We will be having a movie afternoon on Thursday, watching the movie Inside Out.
  • Pizza lunch on Tuesday.
  • School resumes on April 4.

Have a great Easter break!


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