Weekly Update: April 26

Hello! I hope everyone enjoyed the extra day off yesterday!  I was able to take the opportunity and planning some awesome learning activities for the rest of the year. Here’s what’s happening this week:

  • Math- We are presently learning about naming and measuring angles. Many students are strong at identifying types of angles, but are struggling to use a protractor. If you have a protractor at home, it might be a good opportunity to have them show you how to measure.
  • ELA- We are starting on two awesome projects for the coming weeks.  We will be joining up with Miss Hartl’s grade 4 class to be co-writing non-fiction books together. In addition to being the authors of the books, the grade 6’s will take on the role of publishing the book- creating the index, table of contents, author write ups, etc. We will be skyping with author Kevin Kurtz next week to ask him questions on how to write non-fiction books.   Additionally, we will be starting Genius Hour with Mr. Woods-Fehr’s class today. Students will be taking on an individual Genius Hour research project and be sharing their learning in June at our Genius fair.
  • Health- continuing to work on conflict resolution. After we are done this, our last topic will be managing stress.
  • Social Studies- As part of the Global Teenager Project, students will be writing a letter to Urmila Chaudary to discuss and ask her questions about her experience with child labour as a kamalari girl in Nepal. This should be completed by Friday.
  • Fine Arts- we are currently analyzing different types of dance exploring the way the dancer uses their body, what actions they use, the timing, etc.

Other things happening this week:

  • Thursday morning- Monika McKenzie will be here for a short introduction to band instruments. Students will have the chance to try different ones and start making decisions regarding if they are interested in taking band class next year. My understanding is that an initial parent email was sent out earlier last week, and a second parent letter will be sent home later this week after we try instrument.
  • Airband/Dress Like a Rockstar day on Thursday.
  • I am away on Monday and Tuesday to attend and present at the IT Summit. I am also away on Wednesday for professional development meetings. Please contact the office for any immediate concerns.

Rumour has it that there are 44 school days left until summer break! I suspect the last two months will fly by!


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