Weekly Update: May 8

Hello! Here is what is happening in 6Korver this week:

  • Math- Angles exit cards should be completed by Tuesday. At this point, students have had the opportunity to have it marked once and are doing corrections on the cards.  Next up: perimeter, area, and volume. You can start the conversation at home by discussing the difference and when you would need to know each one (ie. home renovations, buying a new carpet, etc).
  • ELA- Non-fiction picture book project. Last week, each publishing company group got together to determine deadlines for research, first draft, editing days, second draft and publishing days. Most groups are working on research and should be starting to write their articles this week. They may want/need to work on this at home this week. 
  • Genius Hour- most students are excited and are deep into their projects. We are working on Genius Hour on Monday and Thursday of this week. Check with your child to discuss what their project is and what their key question is. Many students have chosen really awesome topics, but haven’t necessarily narrowed in on what their question is (ie. many students want to build a video game, but the question needs to be something along the lines of “How can I make this level impossible to complete? How can make a video game that is appropriate for my younger sister?”) Mr. Woods-Fehr and I will be working with small groups to narrow down their projects this week.
  • Social Studies- we will continue to work on the Global Teenager project this week. We will also start looking at GDP in countries and how it applies to quality of life.
  • Fine Arts- Students are presenting their creative dances to the class on Tuesday. Next up: students have the opportunity to take on an individual fine arts project for the rest of the year.
  • Health- our last unit in health will be examining dealing with stress. We will look at the closer to the end of the month. I’d like to try and focus on math, ELA, and Social for the next week or two.

Important dates:

  • Thursday, May 12- last bible history class for bible history students. There is a wrap up party the following week.
  • Friday, May 20- No school. Teacher prep day.
  • Monday, May 23- No school. May long weekend.
  • Wednesday, June 1- Grade 6 Track and Field meet.

Have a great week!



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