Weekly Update: May 24

Good morning! I hope everyone had a relatively dry May long weekend! We are on the last stretch of school until summer break!

Here’s what’s happening in 6Korver this week:

  • ELA- Students are busy working on their non-fiction book projects. They have been a blast to read! Students should be finished their rough copy by the end of class tomorrow- this means some students should be taking it home tonight or working on it in the library at lunch.  Miss Hartl and I will be giving mini-lessons on organization, writer’s voice, and adding “bling” to your writing. We are working on this project today, tomorrow and Thursday.
  • Math- Zoo design projects should be done and handed in on Thursday morning. Students will be given time to work on them today and tomorrow. The primary goal of the project is to demonstrate knowledge of area and perimeter. On Friday, we will be introducing volume. Students are asked to bring a rectangle or square box (a shoe box, jewelry box, cake pan, etc.) that they are able to measure the perimeter, area, and volume of.
  • Social Studies- we are currently working on our final Global Teenager projects. They should be completed and handed in by Tuesday, May 31. Students will have lots of time this week to work on them.
  • Art- We are starting on our individual art projects on Thursday. If students need supplies, they should bring them. Our final art show is tentatively set for  Thursday, June 23 (combined with Genius Fair).
  • Genius Hour- is happening today and Friday (every Day 1 and 4). Many students have fairly large projects. They should be taking some time to work on them at home. Our genius fair is tentatively scheduled for: Thursday, June 23.

With the school year slowly wrapping up, many final dates are popping up. Here is what I have on my calendar:

  • May 26- Assembly at 9am; Talent night at 7pm
  • June 1- Grade 6 Track Meet
  • June 9- Redberry Trip
  • June 15- School wide reading party (invitations to come)\
  • June 17- Last day for class book exchange in library (students will need library card after this)
  • June 23 (tentative)- 6Korver’s Art Show and Genius Fair
  • June 28- Last day of classes!

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