Weekly Update: June 6

Good morning!

The Redberry Field Trip is on Thursday of this week. Students should be meeting in our classroom at 7:45am. We will be back by 3:00 to catch the buses at the end of the day.  The activities we have planned for the day are: archery, hiking, beach volleyball, and wall climbing. Students should be bringing (depending on weather):

  • sunscreen
  • bug spray
  • snacks and additional lunch(if they do not like hot dogs)
  • good walking shoes (no flip flops)
  • a great attitude!

We will go on our field trip rain or shine, so if it’s wet, please bring rain gear.


Other than the field trip, here is what is going on this week:

  • Math- Examining coordinate grids and moving into transformations on grids. This is a great time to play the game battleship at home to practise!
  • ELA- We are finishing our non-fiction books this week. Miss Hartl and I would like to have them printed off next week for the Reading Party.
  • Social Studies- We will be meeting in small groups to share our Final Global Teenager Projects with Mr. Carra’s class in Thornhill, Ontario via Google hangouts. Two students from our class will virtually be paired with two students from Mr. Carra’s class to share their final projects and receive feedback.
  • Art- Independent art projects are well underway! Thank you for all of the support in helping your child secure supplies for their project!
  • Genius Hour- continues to go great! I can’t wait to see the final projects. Many students are assuming that they are done because their final product is finished. I am encouraging them to go back to their original inquiry questions to help guide their thinking and questioning around their projects.  Genius Fair is scheduled for June 23- all projects should be completed close to that date.
  • Brown Bag Share- the following students are sharing this week in CPR: CR, TT, KF, BP, RF, BH, KZ, JR

Important Dates to note:

  • Thursday, June 9- Redberry Field Trip. Be at school at 7:45am.
  • Tuesday, June 14- Ms.Korver away for afternoon for literacy meetings.
  • Wednesday, June 15- Reading Party in afternoon
  • Friday, June 17- Ms. Korver away for afternoon.
  • Tuesday, June 21- Ms. Korver away for day.
  • Thursday, June 23- Genius Fair and Art show
  • Tuesday, June 28- Last day of classes.

Please note: we are scheduled to have “regular” classes to June 24.  Students should be keeping their school supplies at school until then.  Monday and Tuesday (June 27 and 28) will be our end of the year class clean up, locker clean up, class party, etc.  If you are planning on being away for the last couple days of school, please see the newsletter for instructions for getting the final report cards.


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