Weekly Update: September 6

Hello! I hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend! As I mentioned in last week’s email I try my best (unfortunately, every once and a while life gets in the way and a miss a week) to send weekly updates to keep families in the loop of what’s going on in our classroom. Here’s round one!

What a fantastic first two days! I’m so excited to be teaching this group of students this year! Already I’m impressed with how awesome they are! Please return the forms package that was sent home on the first day of school as soon as possible. This includes: school fee form (with payment), off campus permission, technology agreement, and Office 365 agreement.  Tomorrow the immunization consent forms will be sent home, please send those back as soon as possible.

Subject by subject update:

Everything we are learning about right now is centered around identity. Students are examining the questions of who am I? What do I believe and value? What is important to me? Where do I come from? What is my families history?


  • Math: In math this week we will be doing lots of class and self assessment for me to have a solid understanding of where students are at in math, what their strengths are and areas of improvement. Students will be starting a project later this week called Figure Me Out.
  • ELA: We have started our reader’s workshop program on Friday. Students will spend time each day using choice reads to practise their comprehension skills that are taught through a mini-lesson at the start of class. I use the class time to confer with students one on one and discuss their reading with them- what strategies they are using, what their book is about, why this is is a just right book, and listening to them read. In Writer’s Workshop, we will be applying the idea of identity to poetry. Next Thursday, we will be skyping with poet Ken Nesbitt and listening to him share his favourite poems and asking him questions. This will lead to writing our own bio poems.
  • Health- We are looking at the ideas surrounding growth mindset and how this applies to ourselves as learners and to our classroom community.
  • Art- Miss Harvey will be teaching the visual art strand. She is looking at how identity is expressed through art. Students will be starting on a hand print tree project later this week.
  • Social Studies- We will be looking at the diversity in the world, Canada, and Saskatchewan before we start looking at the diversity that exists in our classroom. Students will eventually be completing interviews with parents/grandparents next week to help them research for their share fair and bio poems in ELA.
  • NOTE: I am also scheduled to teach French and Career Ed. We will be starting French in January. We will not be looking at Career Ed until the spring (April). These will appear as “NT” (not taught) on the first report card.
  • Students take Phys Ed from Mr. Precesky on Days 2, 4, and 6. Mrs Burgess teaches this class Science on days 2, 4, and 6. Mr. Cummings will be teaching Music on days 3 and 5. Please contact these teachers directly if you have any concerns.

Students in my classroom rarely have homework but are strongly encouraged to spend some time nightly reading, writing in a journal, practicing math facts, or discussing what they learned at school with their family. Students may have homework if they did not finish up assignments during class time or did not utilize their class time wisely.

Upcoming dates:

  • Tuesday, Sept. 6- School assembly
  • Thursday, Sept. 8- SCC BBQ at Legends Centre from 5-7pm. I will only be able to stay until 5:30 as I have a class that evening.
  • Friday, Sept. 16- No School
  • Friday, Sept. 23- Picture Day
  • Friday, Sept. 30- Terry Fox Run

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Have a great week!


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