Weekly Update: Sept. 12

Hello! Another short week this week with no school on Friday. Here’s what’s happening in 6Korver:

  • Math- Figure Me Out Assignment should be completed by Wednesday. We have started place value and will be learning up to millions and covering decimals to ten thousandths. You can help you child review at home by challenging them to read any large numbers you encounter (looking up or reading world records is a great idea). Miss Harvey will begin teaching math on Wednesday.
  • Health- we are working on developing a growth mindset rather than having a fixed mindset when learning new things. growth_mindset_poster_0
  • Art- Miss Harvey began teaching last week. Students are finishing up their identity handprints tomorrow and will start working on a minecraft selfie project.
  • Social Studies- We are currently examining the similarities and differences around the world. We will specifically be comparing and contrasting the world, Canada, Saskatchewan, and Warman.  Later this week, students should be taking interview questions home. They will be asked to interview a parent and/or a grandparent about their cultural heritage. 
  • Reader’s Workshop- most students are well into their just right books. We will be looking at the reading strategy of visualization this week. You can help at home- when you are reading a book, explain to your child what you see in your head as you read- what’s the movie that you are seeing?
  • Writer’s Workshop- students are well into their first writing project: Humans of 2307. They have interviewed a classmate using open ended questions to find out their “story”- similar to the website Humans of New York.   I’m hoping that we can finish up on Thursday afternoon. We will be skyping with poet Kenn Nesbitt on Thursday and starting to write bio poems next week.

Upcoming dates/quick reminders:

  • Please hand in any school fees, immunization forms, noon hour off campus forms, or Office 365 forms.
  • Thursday, Sept. 15- Scholastic orders due
  • Friday, Sept. 16- No School
  • Tuesday, Sept. 20- Ms. Korver and Miss Harvey away
  • Friday, Sept. 23- Picture Day
  • Friday, Sept. 30- Terry Fox Run

Have a great week!



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