Weekly Update: Sept. 19

Hello! I hope everyone was able to enjoy a lovely fall weekend. This past week, I have updated some key sections on this blog:

  • I have updated information on the different types of technology we use regularly in class- student blogging, twitter, Seesaw portfolios, and skype here.
  • I have updated some information for reader’s workshop- the philosophy behind student choice in books here.

Tomorrow or Tuesday, students will be setting up their online portfolios via Seesaw. I will be sending home an individualized parent letter for you to access your child’s portfolio via the Seesaw for parents app. You will be able to view pictures, videos, journal assignments, audio recordings, and internet links of your child’s work and receive updates on classroom activities.

Here’s what’s going on this week:

  • Math- Miss Harvey has starting to take over the teaching of math class. Students are working on place values to millions and decimal place values to ten thousandths. They will be completing their first exit card starting on Monday and Tuesday during class time. Next up is factoring- this is really good time to start daily review of math facts (multiplication and division) for students who need some extra practise.
  • Art with Miss Harvey- students have handed in and finished their identity handprint assignments. The class has now started on their next assignment: Minecraft self portraits.
  • Health- we will be finishing up our intro to growth mindset this week. Miss Harvey will begin teaching health next week.
  • Social Studies- We are finishing up our introduction to global diversity by comparing statistics of the globe, Canada, Saskatchewan, and Warman. Students will finish up their exit card this week. It looks as though we will need to postpone our share fair research project to November.
  • ELA- In Reader’s Workshop we are working on visualizing as we read. Students are practising as they read their choice reads and recording their thinking in their reader’s notebook. In writer’s workshop over the next two weeks, we will be writing two different types of bio poems while focusing on the revising process. We will also be setting up our individual blogs this week. Please see the post on technology for more information.
  • Brown Bag Share during CPR this week:  Meghan and Alex (Wednesday), Chase and Carter (Thursday), Own and Kayla (Friday). More details are available here.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Tuesday, Sept. 20- Ms Korver and Miss Harvey away
  • Friday, Sept. 23- Picture Day
  • Tuesday, Sept. 27- Ms Korver away
  • Week of Sept. 26- Give 5 to Keep Terry’s Dream Alive (all students are encouraged to bring donations for Terry Fox Foundation)
  • Friday, Sept. 30- Terry Fox Run
  • Friday, Nov. 11- No school. Remembrance Day

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