Weekly Update: Nov. 7

Hello, I hope everyone was able to enjoy the beautiful weather we had this weekend!   Just a reminder, we have our class potluck on Tuesday. Students should of signed up to bring something to share with the class.   We have a short, three day week this week. Here’s what we are working on:

  • Math- continuing to work on dividing decimal and starting our exit cards soon.
  • ELA- In writer’s workshop we are starting to work on procedural writing. In reader’s workshop, we are continuing to work on asking questions as we read.
  • Health- We will be introducing advertising (types of advertisements and target groups).
  • Social Studies- students are working on their Map It Out Projects either with a partner or alone. They are tasked with finding and explaining a variety of different maps for a specific country. They then will be asked to make inferences based on reading the map.
  • Fine Arts- last week, students worked on some art to help for our Remembrance Day ceremony. This week, we will be learning how to give positive/ constructive feedback (on classmates’ Elements of Art projects) as well as introducing the process of critiquing artwork.

Upcoming dates:

  • Tuesday, Nov. 8- Class potluck. Sign up in classroom.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 9- School wide Remembrance Day Ceremony at 11am.
  • Thursday, Nov. 10- No school
  • Friday, Nov. 11- Remembrance Day. No school.
  • Monday, Nov. 14- Prep Day- no school for students
  • Friday, Nov. 25- Ms. Korver away for a Provincial Facilitator’s workshop
  • Friday, Dec. 3- Progress Reports

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