Weekly Update: Nov. 21

Hello! Here is what is happening in 6Korver this week:

  • ELA- Continuing to work on questioning in Reader’s Workshop and procedural writing in Writer’s Workshop.
  • Math- Multiplication/Divison exit cards should be done today. We will be starting on Order of Operations this week. This will be Miss Harvey’s last math unit.
  • Social Studies- Students should be finishing up their Map It Out projects early this week. We will wrap up our geography unit with an inquiry project called “Country X.”  I (Ms. Korver) will be taking back Social Studies from Miss Harvey this week.
  • Health- Covering impact and role of media/advertising on teenagers.
  • Fine Arts- Students are completing a research project on the arts and culture of countries associated with their heritage/ancestors. We will have a share fair to share our learning when we finish.

Other things to remember:

  • Friday is the last day for students to hand in missing science assignments to Mrs. Burgess.
  • Please make sure students have a pair of inside shoes at school. They should not be wearing their outdoor shoes in the classroom.
  • Permission forms will be going home tomorrow to attend the musical at Warman High School on December 1.

Important Dates

  • Friday, November 25- Ms.Korver away for Provincial Facilitator’s Meetings
  • Tuesday, November 29- Brain Waves Presentation. Students are encouraged to bring a helmet for the presentation.
  • Thursday, December 1- Musical at Warman High School.
  • Monday, December 5- Ms. Korver and Miss Harvey away for internship meetings
  • Wednesday, December 14- Miss Harvey’s last day 😦
  • Thursday, December 15- School wide assembly
  • Wednesday, December 21- Last day before Christmas break
  • Tuesday, January 3- Back to school.

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