Weekly Update: Dec. 12 and Dec. 19

Hello! I hope everyone was able to stay warm this weekend. We are coming up on Christmas holiday’s (a week and a half- but who’s counting?) so I’m combining this week and next week’s updates.  Most of our in-class activities will be focused on finishing up units and final assessments leading into the break.

A couple reminders for the week:

  • We are heading to see the Christmas Carol play in Saskatoon on Wednesday. We will be leaving at 11:30am and will be back for the busses at the end of the day. If you have not returned the permission form and $10, please do so ASAP.
  • With the colder weather, please make sure students are dressing appropriately for the cold weather for recess. Students will only stay inside for an indoor recess if the temperature/wind chill is lower than -30.

Here’s what’s happening in 6Korver this week:

  • ELA- In Reader’s Workshop, we will be reviewing making text to text, text to self, and text to world connections. In Writer’s Workshop, we will be working on the Christmas Mystery Writing assignment using our descriptive, procedural, and persuasive writing skills. This assignment should be completed before Christmas break.
  • Math- We will be finishing up plotting coordinates tomorrow. We will then move on to symmetry, transformations, and tesselations. We will probably finish the bulk of the unit before the break, and finish our final project in January.
  • Health- continuing on our how to deal with stress unit. This unit will finish up before the break.
  • Fine Arts- Students will be presenting art projects on Tuesday, they should be completed at ready to hand in that day. We will do some Christmas and winter themed art/drama.
  • Social Studies- We will be completing one final mapping assessment this week and moving on to designing and writing postcards for the global postcard exchange.

Upcoming dates:

  • Wednesday, December 14- Field trip to Persephone Theater
  • Thursday, December 15- School wide assembly
  • Wednesday, December 21- Last day before Christmas break,  Miss Harvey’s last day😦 and Christmas spirit day (dress in red/green)
  • Tuesday, January 3- Back to school

Have a wonderful, restful winter break! See you in the new year!



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