Weekly Update: Jan. 18


I apologize for a late update this week. Here’s what we are working on this week. We have a couple major projects and assignments concluding this week; most students are on track or finished, but some students may have homework this week.

  • Math- we have started our angles unit. Several students still need to hand in their tessellations project that was due on Monday. 
  • ELA- We have started working with Miss Hartl’s class on a Willow Awards project. My students will be honing leadership and fluency skills. In writer’s workshop, we are working on persuasive writing paragraphs. Many students still need to finish planning on their graphic organizer. This should be done by tomorrow so that we can start looking at the rough and final copies this week.
  • Health- we have started our unit on infectious diseases. We are currently looking at what makes websites reliable when finding information. Tomorrow, we will look at preventing infectious diseases.
  • Drama- We have started on our radio drama project today. This will take about a week to complete.
  • Social Studies- finalized postcards are due on Monday. Many students have yet to finish the front design of their postcard or finish their rough copy of the letter. This should be done for homework by Friday.

Other dates to note:.

  • Friday, January 20- Ms. Korver away for Provincial Facilitation work
  • Friday, January 27- Last day for ski trip forms.
  • Monday, January 30- PD Day. No school.
  • Tuesday, February 2- Ms. Korver away for a medical day.
  • Thursday, February 9- Ski Trip.
  • Friday, February 10- Ms. Korver away for Provincial Facilitation work
  • February 20-24- No school. Reading break.

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