Weekly Update: Jan 23

Hello! Here’s what is happening in our classroom this week:

  • Math- We will continue to look at estimating and measuring angles. Some students still need to hand in their tessellation project. 
  • ELA- In Reader’s Workshop, we are continuing to work on finding contrasts and contradictions while we read. In Writer’s workshop, we will continue to work on our persuasive blog posts. This should be completed by the end of the week. There are a couple students who are behind- they should be working on it at home this week. We are also working with Miss Hartl’s class to read and vote for the Shining Willow Awards together.
  • Health- We will continue to look at non-curable infectious diseases and how to prevent them. Students will be creating an advertisement (commercial or poster) to advertise how to prevent disease. We will then look at preventing specific diseases such as Ebola, HIV/AIDs, and others.
  • Social Studies- postcards should be completed by tomorrow. We will label and mail them out on Tuesday. We will be looking at sponsoring some people through Kiva loans through an established account (students do not need to bring money). We will be mapping where we have sponsored people.
  • Drama (Fine Arts)- students are currently recording their first radio drama. We should finish them this week. Radio dramas will be released via a soundcloud link, so you will be able to listen! Once we are done, we will listen to every group and create a criteria list for our final radio drama assignment based on African folktales.
  • Science- Mrs. Burgess has asked me to remind students about their upcoming test on February 2. 


General reminders:

  • Friday is the last day for ski trip forms. No exceptions. We need to submit our numbers to the ski hill. Students who are NOT attending the ski trip still must return a form.


Upcoming dates:

  • Monday, January 23- Project Face Off Assembly
  • Friday, January 27- Last day for ski trip forms.
  • Monday, January 30- PD Day. No school.
  • Tuesday, February 2- Ms. Korver away for a medical day.
  • Thursday, February 9- Ski Trip.
  • Friday, February 10- Ms. Korver away for Provincial Facilitation work
  • February 20-24- No school. Reading break.

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