Weekly Update: Jan. 31

Good afternoon! I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend! We are officially half way through the school year- it’s flying by!  Here’s what’s going on this week:

  • Math-We will be finishing up angles tomorrow and moving on to triangles (types and measuring angles within a triangle) on Wednesday.
  • ELA- Reader’s Workshop, we will look at Aha Moments when we read. In Writer’s Workshop, we will start our last piece of persuasive writing on Friday. We will finish reading and voting with Miss Hartl’s class on Wednesday.
  • Health- Preventing disease advertisements are due on Wednesday. We will start looking at the prevention, transmission, and impacts on family/community of HIV/AIDs this week.
  • Social Studies- we will be doing a small project based on Kiva donations this week.
  • Fine Arts (Drama)- radio drama round one is due at the end of class on Tuesday. Students will be listening, providing feedback, and creating criteria for their final radio drama project on Thursday.

Upcoming dates:

  • Thursday, Feb. 2- Ms. Korver away for a medical appointment.
  • Thursday, Feb.9- Ski Trip.
  • Friday, Feb. 10- Ms. Korver away for Provincial Facilitator work.
  • Feb. 20-24- Reading break. No school.
  • Friday, March 3- Ms. Korver away for Provincial Facilitator work.
  • Tuesday, March 14- Ms. Korver away for Provincial Facilitator work.
  • Friday, March 17- Bowling field trip for phys ed. Progress reports sent home.
  • Monday, March 20- Student led conferences
  • Wednesday, March 22- Student led conferences.
  • Thursday, March 24- No school. Prep day.
  • Friday, March 25- No school. Lieu day for SLC.



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