Weekly Update: Feb. 13

Hello!  Here’s what’s happening in 6Korver this week:

  • ELA- In reader’s workshop, students are continuing to find “Aha moments” as they read their choice reads. By Friday, they must also have read two short stories/picture books and identify/record the “aha moment” those assignments.  In writer’s workshop, we have started on our final persuasive writing assignment. Students started the planning today and will be starting on their first draft later this week.
  • Math- Exit cards should be completed by the end of the week. Some students need to finish their practice books for homework tonight.
  • Health- students are working on a final assignment in health. They are creating an anchor chart that explains a person’s story with HIV/AIDs. They will present these to the class and write a written response by the end of the week. French will start after the break.
  • Social Studies- We have started out Power and Authority unit. Some students need to finish the questions for homework tonight. We will be starting to apply these concepts to historical case studies tomorrow.
  • Fine Arts- Students have started their final radio drama project. They will be given this week and a couple days after the break to finish.

Upcoming dates:

  • Tuesday, Feb. 14- Anti-bullying awareness day. Wear pink!
  • Thursday, Feb. 16- Global Read Aloud Day
  • February 20-24- No school. Reading break.
  • Friday, March 3- Ms. Korver away for Provincial Facilitator work
  • Monday, March 6- Broomball clinic for phys ed. Dress warm!
  • Tuesday, March 14- Ms. Korver away for Provincial Facilitator work.
  • Friday, March 17- Bowling field trip for phys ed. Progress reports sent home.
  • Monday, March 20- Student-led conferences
  • Wednesday, March 22- Student-led conferences.
  • Thursday, March 24- No school. Prep day.
  • Friday, March 25- No school. Lieu day for SLC.
  • Friday, March 30- Ms. Korver away for Provincial Facilitation work.

Have a wonderful long weekend and a wonderful February break!



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