Weekly Update: April 3

Hello! I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather! Spring is here!  Here’s what’s happening for the next two weeks:

  • Math- Graphing projects are due tomorrow. We will be starting probability tomorrow and will finish before we leave for Easter.
  • ELA- Book club have been going great! Both Mrs. Hamel and I are so impressed with the discussions that are coming out of the book club meetings. Students are reminded that for each meeting they need to come prepared with: discussion questions, a share, and thinking sheet completed.   Our scriptwriting has started and students should be done their rough draft by Wednesday.  We will be spending time over the next week revising- students should have their final script ready to hand in by next Thursday, April 13.
  • French- there will be a quiz on the letters of the alphabet on Friday. We will be finishing up simple greetings and the alphabet before Easter and moving on to colours and numbers after the break.
  • Drama- script writing
  • Social Studies- students are creating infographics. Hopefully this will be done before Easter break, but if needed we will take a class after the break to finish up.
  • Phys Ed- students are skating for phys ed tomorrow and Wednesday. 

One more thing! I will be away all next week (my husband and I heading to Italy for two weeks!). As I am out of the country, I will not be checking my email regularly. If you have any messages for Mr. Thorpe (substitute teacher) please contact the office and they will let him know.

  • Tuesday, April 4- Our class attending Airband performances
  • Wednesday, April 5- Ms. Korver away for a medical day
  • Thursday, April 6- Ms. Korver away for Provincial Facilitation work.
  • Monday, April 10- April 13- Ms. Korver away for personal days-off to Italy!
  • April 14- April 23- Easter vacation
  • Monday,  April 24- School resumes.
  • Thursday, April 27- WCMS Grade 6 Floor Hockey Tournament. All students participate.
  • Friday, April 28- Ms. Korver away for division meeting.

Have a great week and a wonderful Easter break!


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