Weekly Update: April 24

Good morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter break last week. I arrived home last night- I apologize if I haven’t responded to your emails, I will get to them today or tomorrow.

Here’s what’s happening in 6Korver this week:

  • Math- We’ll be wrapping up the probability and statistics unit today, and starting on perimeter, area, and volume tomorrow.
  • French- we will be moving on to colours and numbers.
  • Art- students should be done their drama scripts. We are going to take a quick break from drama and study First Nations dances and then return back to our scripts and performing them after our dance unit.
  • ELA- Book clubs should be wrapping up this week. We will be looking at some final projects to wrap up our thinking and learning next week.
  • Social Studies- we should be finishing up our infographics this week (if they are not done already). We’ll also be doing a quick study on comparing South Africa to Canada.

Important Dates:

  • Wednesday, April 26- WaterAid Pizza and Juice box sale at lunch (no pre-orders); Bible History Wrap Up
  • Wednesday, April 27- Floor Hockey tournament. Our class plays at 11:10 and 1:00, finals at 2:30 in the gym.
  • Friday, April 28- Ms. Korver away for division meeting
  • Monday, May 1 and Tuesday, May 2- Ms. Korver away to attend/present at the IT Summit
  • Friday, May 5- Heart and Stroke Basketball Game (details coming later this week)
  • Thursday, May 11- Ms. Korver away for Provincial Facilitation work
  • Friday, May 19- No school. Prep day for teachers.
  • Monday, May 22- No school. May long weekend.

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