Weekly Update: June 12


The countdown is on and we are heading in the last days of school. We have a busy week next week, so a couple reminders:

  • Potluck and movie day on Wednesday as a reward for earning 23 mystery students.  Students have been asked to sign up for the potluck, be
  • img_3799.jpglow is what I have so far. Please discuss with your child what they can contribute.
  • Redberry Field Trip on Thursday. We are participating in archery, wall climbing, beach volleyball, and a hike. Students should come with: bug spray, sunscreen, appropriate dress for the weather, and a hat. Hot dogs, pop and chips will be served for lunch. Students should bring extra snacks/lunch and lots of water for the day. We are leaving at 9am sharp and will return to the school at 3:00pm. We are looking for a couple parents to help lead groups and set up lunch. Please contact me if you can help. 
  • Swimming in Martensville on Monday, June 26. We are leaving at 8:45am. Students should be in the classroom by 8:30 for attendance. We will return to the school by 11:30am.  Many students still need to return permission forms. Please do so next week.

Besides the field trip and class reward fun, we are still learning! Here’s what is happening next week:

  • Math- heading into percents and how they relate to decimals and fractions. We will then quickly move into our input and output (algebra introduction) unit. Students will also be given the opportunity to revisit some previous units for review or to relearn the material.
  • ELA- Non-fiction writing continues.
  • Career Ed- Looking at multiple intelligence and how individual strengths lend themselves to specific career paths.
  • French- students are working on an interview project that will be published on SeeSaw early next week.
  • Social Studies- looking at evaluating quality of life.

Upcoming dates:

  • Wednesday, June 14- Potluck/movie da
  • Thursday, June 15- Redberry Field Trip
  • Monday, June 26- Swimming in Martensville
  • Wednesday, June 28- Last day of school. Summer starts!

A couple of end of the year reminders:

  • My plan is to continue having “regular classes” (maintain our current schedule) until Monday, June 26. Students will continue to have teacher switches until then and will follow our consistent schedule to then. Please keep most school supplies at school until then.
  • We will be doing locker clean up on Tuesday, June 27 and Wednesday, June 28. Please make arrangements for students to have extra tote bags, grocery bags, etc. to bring home binders, materials, portfolio’s, etc. on those days.
  • Progress Report Pick-up for the end of June: Students who will not be here on the final day of school (June 28) can make the following arrangements beforehand with their teacher for receiving their progress reports:

-Parents can arrange with the homeroom teacher to have the progress report go home with another student on the final day of classes.

-Parents can provide a self-addressed stamped envelope (to the teacher) to put the progress report in to be mailed.

-Parents can pick the progress report up at the WCMS office on Thurs. June 29 or Friday, June 30, before noon.

-Progress reports that remain will be held at the office and can be picked up when school reopens on August 28, 2017.


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