About Ms. Korver

Welcome to Ms. Korver’s Blog!

I’ve started this blog to share with parents and our wider learning community what’s going on in our classroom this year. I will try to update as often as possible with our weekly updates (also emailed to parents), discussion questions for students, posts related to what we are learning in class, and hopefully some guest posts from our students.
About Me: 
I am thrilled to be your child’s grade 6 teacher this year! This school year marks my 10th

3MxEJ09Cyear of teaching. I have taught at WCMS for the past two years. Prior to that, I taught high school social studies in Taber, Alberta. I have a BA (History) from the University of Lethbridge, a B.Ed from the University of Alberta, and I am currently pursuing my Masters in Education at the University of Saskatchewan.   I am originally from Coaldale, a small town east of Lethbridge. I moved to Saskatoon two years ago with my husband. When I’m not in my classroom I can be found reading, drinking coffee, travelling, camping and hiking.

About My Classroom:
As a teacher I value four key learning aspects in my classroom:
dr-seuss-reading-quote-Literacy. This includes both reading and writing. My students are wild readers who have choice in what they read. As writers, students will experiment with writing in a variety of ways and will learn how powerful the pen can be.
-Global Citizenship/Collaboration. We will have the opportunity to connect with classrooms and communities from around the world this year using blogs, Twitter, Skype, and snail mail. We will be participating in blogging,The Global Read Aloud, Mystery Skypes, Skype in the Classroom, the 100 Word Challenge, the Squiggles of Awesomeness, and many more!

-Critical and Creative Thinking. In our world today, it is not enough that students simply memorize the answers, instead they must be able to problem solve and apply what they have learned to real world situations. Students will be encouraged to take risks and “fail forward.”


-Cross Curricular Education. We will be combining a lot of our projects and units in social studies, art, health, and ELA. Rather than focusing on subjects, we will focus on themes or projects. This will allow to make real word connections with what we are learning.


I cannot wait to learn beside you!

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