Challenge 1: Mood 

We’ve been looking at how colour can create mood. Examine the art piece. Click the padlet link and record:

  1. What mood do you think the artist was trying to create? Why?
  2. What does the art piece show to make you think that?
  3. If you had to title this art piece what would it be?
  4. Sign only using your FIRST name.

Piece 1


Piece 2

Challenge #2: Jackson Pollack
Jackson Pollack was an American artist who was known for creating abstract painting
gs using a style called drip painting. I think his paintings still showed mood using colour. What do you think? Check out some of his paintings here.

Challenge: Create your own Jackson Pollack style painting using this website. How can you create a sense of mood?


Challenge #3: This Is Sand

Sand art is really cool! Watch this video to see how people create art with sand:

Head to This is Sand website to create your own sand art.


Challenge #4: String Spinv1

Draw a design and watch it spin! Go here.




Challenge #5: Flame Painter

Draw with fire (sort of…)! Head here and see what you can make: Flame Painter.




Challenge 6: Crayola Colouring

crayola20drawAdjust all the Crayola mediums, colors, and tip sizes, and print when they’re done!

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