Weekly Update: Oct.10

Hello!  Here’s what’s happening in Room 128 this week:

  • ELA 7: We are continuing to read A Long Walk to Water and create parallels to the current crisis in Europe. We have connected with a class in Sweeden and we will examining the impact on their country and community and forwarding our questions to them. As writers, we will start to look at narrative writing later this week/beginning of next week as we start to plan for and write our “This I Believe” narrative memoirs. 
  • Math 7: We are working on our exit cards on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals this week. We will continue on reviewing order of operations and will start to work on decimals and fractions later this week/beginning of next week. 

Upcoming dates:

  • Thursday, Oct. 12- Ms. Korver away for Learning Facilitator Meeting
  • Tuesday, Oct. 17- Ms. Korver away for Math meetings
  • Wednesday, Oct. 18 and Thursday, Oct. 19- Parent Teachers Interviews
  • Monday, Oct. 23- Ms. Korver away for Provincial Facilitation work 
  • Thursday, Oc. 26- Ms Korver away for Provincial Facilitation work

Have a great week!


Weekly Update

Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful fall weekend! Here’s what’s happening in Room 128 this week:


ELA 7- Most students have finished and handed in the Where I’m From poems. Anyone not completed will be signed up for study hall tomorrow. Several students still need to record a video using Aurasma explaining their writing process. We should be able to finish these this week during class.  This week we are starting to read the book, A Long Walk to Water and participate in the Global Read Aloud. We will be connecting to other classes uses twitter, padlet, flipgrid, and Skype
. Students will only use their first name when responding to posts and will have the option of using padlet (written) or flipgrid (recording a video) to respond and ask questions. Participating in the Global Read Aloud is an excellent way to model appropriate uses of technology, learn about other cultures, and connect our class to other classes. This year, over 2 million students in 80 countries are participating! I’ve written more about it here. 

Math 7- We will finish up dividing decimals tomorrow and move on to order of operations with decimals. Some students are really struggling with dividing decimals. I will be sending home some extra practice sheets for students to continue working on and mastery dividing.  I’ve also posted two videos to help students if they are stuck at home.

Important dates:

  • Thursday, Oct. 5- Ms. Korver away for Provincial Facilitation work
  • Friday, Oct. 6- No school (Prep/PD Day)
  • Monday, Nov. 9- No school. Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Global Read Aloud Project

This year, our ELA class will be participating in a project called the Global Read Aloud.  This project will start October 2nd and will run for approximately 6 weeks.  The idea behind it is very simple; teachers around the world read the same book aloud to their students and then use technology to share the reading experience with these other classrooms.  It is a free project and it fits perfectly into the curriculum outcomes we have to cover.  

51n3gGGcTPL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_During the project, our class will be reading A Long Walk To Water and connecting with students around the world who are reading the same book.  We will use technology tools such as our class Twitter, Flipgrid, Padlet, and Skype to facilitate these connections and conversations. We are very excited to connect with others, especially since more than 2 million students are already signed up to participate!  This project will allow for our students to use technology tools in a meaningful way, as well as learn about other cultures, all while listening to a fantastic read aloud.  

As a class, we will be focusing our reading around the questions of “What responsibility do we have individuals to respond to the needs of refugees?”  We will bring in and explore some information about the current refugee crisis in Europe resulting from the Syrian war.  We will also be working on our reading comprehension skills as we read, focusing on the strategies “asking questions” and “determining importance.”

If you would like more information about the Global Read Aloud, feel free to visit the website www.theglobalreadaloud.com or I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.  I look forward to starting this exciting project with your child, as well as seeing the connections we will make.


Weekly Update: Sept. 25

Good morning! Here’s what’s happening in Room 128 this week:

  • ELA 7- Students should be finishing their Where I’m From poems TODAY in class. We will be recording our thinking about the writing process using the Aurasma app and connecting it to our poems- the next time you are at school check them out! (Or, ask your child how to do it at home- it’s pretty cool!)
  • Math 7- Working on dividing decimals and order of operations this week.
  • Science 9- Examining earth, moon, and sun relationships.


Upcoming Dates:

  • Thursday, Sept. 28- Ms. Korver away for a medical appointment.
  • Friday, Sept. 29- Orange Shirt Day. Wear orange!
  • Thursday, Oct. 5- Ms. Korver away for Provincial Facilitation work
  • Friday, Oct. 6- No school (Prep/PD Day)
  • Monday, Nov. 9- No school. Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a great week!